New album “Returning Home” release  August 2016.
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The Band have started rehearsals for some Tribute Shows next year.
The Band’s name is “Telegraph Road” and is a Tribute to the Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits.
A new Guitarplayer, Arild Moe has joined the Band this time.

More Tourdates added.

The new album is now finished, and it’s called “A Life In Rock ‘n’ Roll”. The official release date is 24. August.
The album has 12 new tracks. A lot of guest performers appears on the album.
The official release concert will take place on Friday 22. August at the Banken- Cavern Club, Levanger.

The New singel “Legends Die Young” is completed, and contains 3 Tracks (2 bonus tracks which is not included on the album) The New album is called “A Life In Rock’n’ Roll” and will be released late August.

Geir and the Band are currently working in the studio for a New album,
which will be released later this year. Stay Tuned for updates

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Tourdates added

Tourdates added

Tourdates added

More Tourdates added

The new album is now finished, and is entitled “My Guitar Heart”.

It has been recorded in “Toppen Lydstudio” in Levanger. Mats Lindfors has mastered it at Cutting Room in
Stockholm. The album will be released in early January next year. A lot of tourdates will be added, but it will start with a mini consert, 12. January at Magneten, Levanger.
Later the same evening there will be a consert at Banken Nightclub, Levanger. Stay tuned for more info. Please, also check my facebook pages for more info and pictures.
Filming for a new music video has also been completed. The new album will also come out on Spotify and Itunes. Some of the old albums and videos is also out on Spotify, and youtube. The Band is rehearsing these days, so we’re all looking forward to next years tourdates…!


Geir have been working in the studio from march to late June, working on a new album. This time in a new studio in Levanger, called Toppen Records. The studio owner is a friend of mine, Robert Mære. A lot of musicians have been working with us this time. We will continiue in mid august. The release of the album will most likely be in 2013 some time.
Stay Tuned!

Two great gigs for the Band last weekend, in Bodø..
The Band is looking forward to the next gig in Steinkjer, 17 September
Stay Tuned..!

The new album is now availible on Amazon. More tourdates added.
Thanks again to all for this wonderful weekend for me and the Band! 3 great gigs.

“The Last Mile” is now availible on Spotify and Itunes!

More Tourdates added

Thank you to all the persons involved making this a wonderful weekend for me and the Band!
4 shows in 2 days..
“The Last Mile” is now avaible on, and will soon be on Spotify and Itunes.
More to follow…

There is a review of The Last Mile in todays edition of “Adressavisa”.
More tourdates added.

Article in Trønder Avisa about the festival in Skogn, which Geir and the Band will be playing a set. Follow this link:

More tourdates and promo stuff added.

Geir will be doing an 30 min interview on Radio Midt Trøndelag, to talk about the new album on 28. April, at 22.15 pm. Geir has also done an interview with Trønder Avisa
and will be “The artist of the week” on the 5. April edition. There will also be a review of “The Last Mile”.

The new album is now finished. There will be a release concert Friday 29.April at No 39, Backlund Hotel-Levanger. There will also be more promo stuff during april and May. Check the tourdates link for more info.
If you want to purchase the album now, just press on the contack link on the left, and drop me an e-mail, and I’ll let you know how to get it. You can also buy the album at our gig at Kornmagasinet, Verdal 16.April.
The Band will also be playing a set at “Lyden av Skogn” 30. April, and the “1. May Rock” in Levanger.
Geir will also be doing an interview in Radio Innherred to talk about the album on 28. March. There is an interview with Geir about the new album,
in Levanger Avisa in the 31. March edition. Stay tuned…

Tourdates added

The new album will be mastered this week, and will be released soon. There will be some tourdates to follow the release. Stay tuned for updates. The Band is currently rehearsing some of the new stuff!

Another song off the forthcoming album, “Wish You Were With Me Now”, is now available for listening on Youtube and in the Videos and media-section on the left.

Geir and the band has been filming the video for “One Last Chance”, which now can be found in the Videos and media-section as well as on YouTube!

Tracklist for the upcoming album:

1. If You Were Mine 4:20
2. One Last Chanse 4:10
3. Wish You Were With Me Now 3:10
4. Road To Nowhere 3:47
5. It’s Gonna Be Allright 5:12
6. Burn In Hell 3:40
7. Here, Right Now 5:10
8. You And I 4:59
9. Ain’t Goin’ Down 3:53
10. The Last Mile 6:09
Bonus Track :
11. Better Days (remix) 4:36

To read what Geir himself has to say about the tracks, check out the Releases-section!

The cover for the new album: “The Last Mile”:


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